You are welcome to have a look at some Success Stories from our Studio69 Sitges Personal Training Clients.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca wanted to lose weight for her sisters wedding. we personal trained her for several months and ...

Image of Rebecca Deadman personal trained by sherry fitfoxy chandler brighton and hove
Rebecca Personal Trained at Studio69 Sitges  by FitFoxy
Rebecca Dreadman Personal Trained in Brighton and Hove by Sherry FitFoxy Chandler
Rebecca Personal Trained by FitFoxy at Studio69 Sitges
Thank-you note to Sherry Chandler (FitFoxy) from Rebecca
Thank-you note to Sherry Chandler (FitFoxy) from Rebecca

Claire Davidge had this to say...

"I instantly warmed to Sherry who takes her business very seriously, and herself less so, and quickly understood that she was going to make a difference to my life. We work on a suitable programme, realistic time frame and nutritional requirement for my age and lifestyle"

James Mead had this to say...

"Sherry, As you know, exercise is plain hard work but your cheerful chattiness has brought a lot of fun to the hour we spend together that, by the end, there is a sense of having done something worthwhile. It is that, of course, that brings me along week after week – however daunting the thought of it might be!"

Meet Sam Horwill

Sam has had back problems as far back as she can remember. Through training on a regular basis, improving her core and glute strength and her flexibility, she no longer suffers from back pain at all and as you can see she has trimmed down nicely.

Sam Horwill Personal Trained by Sherry FitFoxy Chandler in Brighton and Hove
Sam Personal Trained by FitFoxy at Studio69 Sitges

Dr Chris Rainey had this to say...

"Sherry works me really hard but keeps the programe varied so I never quite know what to expect. I dislike some of the exercises but that ís why I use a personal trainer to make me do the things I wouldn't bother with if I was doing it on my own!"

Meet Guy Patterson from Nameplate had this to say...

"I enjoy the 2 weekly sessions a lot because they are well varied and Sherry motivates you all the time and on many occasions leaves you amazed at what you have achieved. With her help and encouragement I can now run up to 5km at a time which a year ago would have been virtually impossible."

This photo was of Sherry and Guy after his Heroes 5K Fun Run, which Sherry's prepeared him for.

Personal Trainer in Brighton and Hove - Sherry Chandler alias fitfoxy with Guy Patterson at his first Fun Run
Personal Trainer at studio69 Sitges - Sherry Chandler (FtFoxy) with Guy at his first Fun Run

Julie Ann Harris had this to say...

"My energy is good and I generally feel great! My friends like my new body change, aside from friends saying I look good! is I now feel confident from within."

Meet Paul Richards

Paul results are just amazing, I am so proud of him...

Paul Richards personal trained by Sherry Fitfoxy Chandler in Brighton and Hove
Paul Personal Trained by BigRol at Sitges Studio69
Paul Richards trained by Sherry Chandler FitFoxy in Brighton and Hove
Paul Trained by FitFoxy in Sitges

Hattie Lockhart-Smith had this to say...

"She motivates you to get out of your comfort zone, something I don’t do when exercising on my own.
Sherry has also encouraged me to enter organised runs, I am competing in a 10km run in November, something I could not have imagined doing 6 months ago."

Meet Sian

Sian actually trained with one of our fellow trainers, but we helped Sian with her nutrition...

Sian helped with her nutrition. FitFoxy a personal trainer in brighton and hove
Sian was coached with her Nutrition FitFoxy at studio69 Sitges

Debbie Rayner from Preston Park had this to say...

My wrist problem was an added bonus as the medical profession were ready to operate, so I was extremely pleased with the results of using light weights to rectify the problem. My pelvic floor is much improved, although jumping is still a challenge.
I am Now fit enough to play a deccent game of net ball, ski all day or participate in exercise with confidence and dare I say it pleasure!"

Claire Davidge from 7 Dials had this to say...

"Not only am I now wearing a dress size or two smaller in clothes, my skin and eyes look fresher and brighter. Additional benefits are that I worry less, sleep well and my self-esteem and capacity for organisation and work has increased.

I have received at least 20 compliments from associates, friends and family on how much better I look I will continue to work with Sherry because I enjoy the sessions, she’s not bad for a Scouser and importantly...
I finally understand that I might just be worth it. Are you?

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Healthy Regards

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