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Sherry Chandler (FitFoxy) Personal Trainer Training Sitges
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Sherry (FitFoxy) Personal Trainer – BuddyFIT Group Trainer Studio69 Sitges.

Hi, My name is Sherry Chandler (FitFoxy) I am a Personal Trainer and BuddyFIT Group Trainer at Studio69 in Sitges.

I help people just like YOU right here in Sitges, to get into shape, stay in shape, and live life to the fullest.

This page has been optimised to be found by People just like you, who are searching for a Personal Trainer or a BuddyFIT Group Trainer in Sitges.

So let me Ask You –

  • Do you struggle to find the motivation to exercise?
  • Are you often confused by a minefield of mis-information with regard to diet, health and fitness?
  • do you feel vulnerable and too self conscious to go to a big gym?

A Personal Trainer in Sitges – This is My Story:

In all honesty I was never a kid that was noticed and encouraged for my keen sports enthusiasm in my school years. I was completely mesmerised by gymnastics. At 11 years of age, the Olga Korbut and Nellie Kim posters in the school changing room completely inspired me beyond belief. I would spend hours studying gymnastic moves and poses that I had seen on television or in books I had bought. I would practise on the field in front of our home, or use a broken supermarket trolley-bay which served as a great parallel bar.  How I didn’t break my neck is beyond me! I enjoyed playing rounders and netball, however getting Goal Attack bib, airtex shirt and gym skirt then sitting expectantly on the reserve bench was about as exciting as it ever got.

My parents decided it was a good idea to send me dancing four times a week from the age of ten which I enjoyed, and it gave me a taste of achievement.  My dance troupe would compete each Saturday, we would travel all over the country to enter different competitions. We would win a fair amount of trophies and medals, however I soon found my medals more useful as a trade off for packets of biscuits when on long distance journeys, much to the disdain of my mother. Unfortunately as often happens, I discovered boys at fourteen and the dancing started to take a back seat until I finally gave it up.


In my early teens I began to struggle with the diet and weight insecurities that almost all other young girls have and these days sadly boys too. I bought almost every diet magazine and started to obsess unhealthily about food and my weight. It took me a few years to get my head around this and I was not doing any exercise or sport at all at this stage apart from walking a fair distance each day to work and back which was a blessing in disguise.

As I grew into my early 20’s, I began my own journey of learning the true value of diet and exercise and embraced the idea that I would need to exercise regularly and eat properly in order to stay slim, strong and healthy. I decided to seek out credible information on how to get fit and healthy, and stay fit and healthy.

I joined a gym in 1992, I learned how to use the cardiovascular and weight machines and would spend an hour there about three times a week.  You were pretty much left to your own devices in those days when it came to gym training and I was at this stage very curious about fitness so invested most of my spare money on Fitness magazines offering various workout plans for me to try.



Image of Sherry Chandler alias fitfoxy with her personal training client in Brighton and hove Rebecca
Rebecca giving Sherry Chandler (FitFoxy) flowers for Preparing her for her Sisters Wedding


I  studied and qualified to become a Personal Trainer and BuddyFIT Group Trainer at Studio69 in Sitges.

I had developed the health and fitness bug, and embarked on an incredibly interesting journey to educate myself properly in every area of exercise and nutrition. I read Muscle and Fitness magazine every month, and tried out all of their various routines, I bought and read books written by some of the top female body builders and sports achievers, and I started to understand how to get into great shape and more importantly how to stay in great shape.

As I became more knowledgeable, My body changed, and my energy and fitness levels greatly improved.

the Eureka Moment came when I realised that with the correct training programme performed with the correct technique and intensity, combined with eating the correct foods, anyone could change their body and therefore change their life.

It dawned on me that I had been studying something that I had a great amount of passion for as a hobby, and decided that it was time to put a formal qualification to my 10 years of Fitness and Exercise experience.

I completed A Professional Personal Training Diploma and starting my career as a Personal Trainer.

For the past 8 years I have been training and teaching clients to stay in the best possible shape, working with busy lawyers, doctors, to busy mums and semi retired professionals all  wanting to stay strong enough and fit enough to keep enjoying life to the full.

I now offer my clients 1-1personal training, and semi private group – BuddyFIT training, in Sitges.

Should you wish to Personal Train or take part in BuddyFIT Classes with me Here at Studio69 in Sitges please feel free to contact me for an informal chat.

Healthy Regards


Sherry (FitFoxy) – 694 469 881


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