MAX-Zone BuddyFIT Classes

Small Group Semi-Private Training

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    Will YOU Have Fun?

    Training / Exercising in a Small Group or with a few Friends is More Motivating, More Stimulating and More Productive than going to the Gym on YOUR Own. YOU will Get Results Quicker, have More Fun and Enjoy the Support of Like Minded People all at the same time.

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    How Much Will YOU Pay?

    Small Group Training / Exercising enables us to Provide YOU with Higher Levels of Expertise as if YOU were Personal Training, but at a Reduced Cost. BuddyFIT Monthly Membership is Only €55 a Month.

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    How Many Classes Can YOU Do?

    We offer 20 Classes a Week. YOU are Welcome to do As Many Classes As YOU Like, which is Great Value. Think about it, if you trained 5 days a week, that is only €2.50 a Class

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    Do YOU Have to Sign a Contract?

    No, We do not try to take our Members Hostage like Larger Gyms. Our Philosophy is Simple, We Over Deliver and Make the Classes so Much Fun that YOU Will Not Want to Leave. We do however ask that YOU give us 1 Month's Notice Should YOU Want to Leave.

The Only Heart Rate Training System in Sitges...

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    What is MAX-Zone

    MAX-Zone is a Heart Rate Monitoring System, which Displays YOUR Individual Workout Effort during YOUR exercise class.

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    How Does It Help YOU?

    YOUR Effort Level will be Displayed on the Television, which is Highly Motivational for both YOU and the other Class Participants and also Enables the Instructor to Assess YOUR Effort Level.

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    YOU Can Review YOUR Workouts

    YOUR Online Profile, will enable YOU to Review YOUR Past Workout Statistics. YOU can see Calories Burned, the Level of Intensity YOU are training at and Much Much More

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What Classes Do We Provide?

Hour of Power

A Full HOUR of POWER 4 x 4 Training
Working the upper & lower body at the same time, combining light cardiovascular work for the lower body with light weights & endurance training for the upper body. The aim of this class is to create equal balance of endurance and strength in both the upper & lower body. There is an abdominal, core & lower back section, followed by a full stretch. This unique class will work every muscle, it is extremely popular very effective and easy to follow.

We are the only Gym / Fitness Studio outside of the UK to Teach the Hour of Power Class.

Circuit (Mixed, Legs & Core)

These classes work using individual exercise stations consisting of a combination of cardio, resistance training and core exercises, using a timer with short rest periods for maximum results.

A Great Class for Effective Overall Conditioning. (All Levels).

Body Conditioning

This class focuses on toning and conditioning of every muscle in the upper and lower body. Training with light weights and specific exercise to tone and shape the hips, legs, glutes and core.

This is a great class for the people that want tone but not too much muscle.


High Intensity Interval Training

A challenging mix of high intensity cardiovascular, plyometric and body weight combinations performed in timed intervals with short recovery periods.

Perfect for Peak Cardiovascular Health & using our MAX-Zone Training System.

Cardio Combat

Medium - High Intensity aerobic exercise combining Boxing & Martial Arts moves for a fun effective workout. You Truly get out what you put in to this class.

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How Do YOU Join?

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    YOU Drop Into Studio69?

    Come in and see us. YOU will know pretty quickly if YOU Want to Train with Us and Vice Versa. We are a Small Training Facility and therefore it is very important that we have People with the Same Positive Energy in Our Space.

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    YOU Complete a Readiness to Exercise Questionnaire?

    Unlike other gyms in Sitges, We do actually Care If it is safe for YOU to train or if there are any other considerations, so every person is asked to complete a "Readiness to Exercise Questionnaire" prior to them being able join the BuddyFit Group

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    We Do YOUR Assessments

    Knowing YOUR Body Fat Percentage, Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure is important. We will take these measurements and explain how they are obtained and what YOUR specific results mean to YOU.

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    We Set-up YOUR MAX-Zone Belt

    YOUR MAX-Zone results are Dependent on YOUR Age, Gender, Effort level and Conditioning. The system needs to know if YOU are Male or Female and how old YOU are so that YOUR Results are Relative to YOU. We have to enter this info before YOU can use YOUR belt on the MAX-Zone system.

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    How do YOU Pay for YOUR Membership

    We will charge you a Pro-Rata rate for the rest of the month, which is payable when YOU join. YOU will then need to pay every month for YOUR membership. There is no membership contract, we only ask that YOU give one months notice should YOU wish to leave.

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    We Add YOU to the BuddyFIT WhatsApp Group

    YOU are then added to the BuddyFIT WhatsApp Group. The weekly timetable will be sent out every Saturday and YOU simply respond to the Group with the classes which YOU want to do the following week. Once YOU have joined, YOU can book in any classes YOU wish to do for the rest of that week.

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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Absolutely no Risk to YOU. We are so sure of the Value that we Offer, that We are Prepared to Offer YOU a Full 30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  • Good Transition from Private 1-2-1 Training
  • Small Group Training at a Lower Cost
  • Support with Regular Weigh-ins and Health Stats. (Monthly paying members )
  • Training with a Small Group of Friends is More Motivating
  • 20 Classes a Week
  • No Gym Contract
  • Highly Motivational
  • Technique Correction from A Qualified Personal Trainer
  • Readiness to Train Questionnaire (Safe Training)
  • Maximum of 7 Clients at a tiime
  • More Stimulating and Productive Than the Gym
  • YOU will be Encouraged to Work to YOUR Best Ability
  • YOU Will Get Results and Have FUN
  • MAX-Zone Heart Rate System
  • Online MAX-Zone Profile with Previous Workout Stats
  • Unique Classes
  • Health Assessments (Body Fat, Blood Pressure & Resting Hear Rate)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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